Your Solution for Immune Monitoring

HITS is a facility that offers a comprehensive list of assays for the characterization and monitoring of the immune response.


With highly trained staff, we provide our clients the highest standards of quality, expertise and knowledge in immune monitoring.

About Us

Focus on quality, reproducibility and accountability

  • HITS team provides expertise in design of assays tailored for detection, quantification and characterization of the immune response
  • Assays are developed, optimized and proficiency qualified as standard protocol
  • Facility is currently implementing quality systems; therefore, experiments and studies are planned, conducted, monitored, reported and archived as per good documentation practices.
  • The HITS facility can support immune monitoring for pre-clinical, phase I-III studies, and multi-site clinical trials
  • Years of experience handling, processing and storing human clinical samples
  • Our personnel are highly trained, collaborative and professional scientists with diverse immunological expertise
  • We reliably deliver high quality and reproducible data
  • Experienced in the analyses of large and complex data sets using automated gating

Our Team


The team of scientists ensures reliable and reproducible data collection and high quality sample processing…

Assays we Offer


Offering a range of already established assays, we are also able to customize and optimize assays for specific research niches…