Your Solution for Immune Monitoring

HITS is a facility that offers a comprehensive list of assays for the characterization and monitoring of the immune response of pre-clinical and clinical samples.


With highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, HITS offer clients the highest standards of quality, expertise and knowledge in immune monitoring for pre-clinical and clinical samples.


HITS is a one-stop shop to the scientific community seeking to perform human immunological analysis.

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About Us

Focus on quality, reproducibility and accountability

  • HITS team provides expertise in designing and optimizing assays tailored for detection, quantification and characterization of the immune response
  • Currently implementing quality systems; therefore, experiments and studies are planned, conducted, monitored, reported and archived as per GCLP guidelines
  • HITS facility can support immune monitoring for pre-clinical, phase I-III studies, and multi-site clinical trials
  • Many years of experience handling the logistics of clinical sample shipments, locally and internationally, including India, Europe, United States of America and across Canada
  • Extensive expertise in sample handling, which includes transportation storage, long-term sample storage and chain of custody tracking
  • Chain of custody protocols are documented and tested to adhere to GCLP guidelines
  • Personnel are highly trained, collaborative and professional scientists with diverse immunological expertise
  • HITS reliably delivers high quality and reproducible data
  • Data security protocols ensure clinical data is only accessed by authorized personnel and retained unaltered over the required data lifetime
  • Staff have experience in the analyses of large and complex data sets using machine learning (i.e. t-SNE, FlowSOM, Citrus)
  • HITS specializes in flow cytometry, and is home to a CytoFLEX LX cytometer that accommodates 16-colour sample analyses and high throughput sampling
  • All equipment that is utilized is qualified and calibrated on a regular basis
  • HITS has years of experience processing human clinical samples and cryopreserving the samples for future assays
  • HITS routinely temperature monitors cold storage equipment to meet all client sample storage needs
  • Inventory software is used to track the storage of clinical samples
  • Optimized standard protocols are available, or assays can be customized to meet clients’ requirements. Please contact HITS to determine which best fits your needs
  • HITS is dedicated to producing high quality data to address the requirements of both the pharmaceutical industry and research laboratories. As such, HITS employs personnel who are trained in pharmaceutical Quality Assurance to set up and maintain the quality program in HITS
  • HITS is a member of the BioCanRx core facilities and a part of their immunotherapy network

Our Team


The team of scientists ensures reliable and reproducible data collection and high quality sample processing

Assays we Offer


Offer a range of already established assays, but also offer to customize and optimize assays for specific research niches