Immunotherapy Advancements

HITS expertise in immune monitoring has resulted in numerous successful collaborations and publications

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Immune Monitoring Experience

HITS is a member of the BioCanRx Core Facilities and is a part of their immunotherapy network. BioCanRx Core Facilities provide services, analyses, instruments, technology access, and expertise to support clinical research.

HITS expertise in assay development and immunological analysis has promoted a greater understanding of the immune response in numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Being situated at McMaster University allows HITS to be at the forefront of new technologies, scientific models and discoveries. Collaboration within the department is continuously allowing for the generation of new ideas in many fields of research. Whether you are working on a novel therapeutic, characterizing the immune response to infection, or monitoring changes to immune cells over time – we would love to hear from you!

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Past and Current Studies In:


Infectious Diseases     |     Allergy     |     Cancer     |     Metabolism     |     Stem Cell

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