Facility offers multiparametric flow cytometry and automated staining services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as academic research

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HITS offers a comprehensive list of assays to characterize the immune response utilizing qualified and calibrated equipment.

HITS has participated in more than TEN major clinical studies that involve reception, cataloguing and storage of >10 000 clinical specimens and analysis of >5000 specimens. Staff regularly consult on study design and assay design for assays that will be performed within HITS.

Our mission is to provide our clients the highest standard of quality, expertise and knowledge in immune monitoring for clinical samples. It is our goal that by doing so we advance the development of new and current immunotherapies for patients.

What We Do

  • Specialize in devising strategies for reliable, reproducible, and high quality data collection
  • Generate standard operating procedures and adhere to GCLP guidelines
  • All staff undergo proficiency testing and continue professional development training to stay up to date on current research advances
  • Collaborate and contribute to scientific progress within the immune monitoring field
  • Maintain chain of custody for each clinical trial conducted within HITS
  • Access control is maintained for all clinical trial samples and documentation
  • Only authorized personnel have equipment access, and laboratory access by swipe card only

Flow Cytometry and Automated Staining Services 

HITS has dedicated use of a self-contained facility which houses qualified laboratory equipment, including a CytoFLEX LX flow cytometer that accommodates 16-colour sample analyses and high throughput sampling, and also has exclusive use of a Biomek NXp Automated Workstation. The Biomek NXp Automated Workstation, with an integrated centrifuge, supports hands-free operation and minimizes operator variability.

Something New is Coming: MIBIscope™ System for Multiplexed Tissue Imaging 

A revolutionary technology for analysis of the tumor microenvironment:

  • Uses highly sensitive Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
  • Single molecule detection
  • Visualize 40+ markers in a single scan with single-step staining
  • Comprehensively phenotype immune infiltrate
  • Quantify protein expression
  • Profile tissue architecture
  • Image up to 90 800×800μm² ROIs per day in an automated fashion
  • Resolution settings from 280nm to 1μm
    • High Throughput
    • High Resolution
    • High Sensitivity

Data Analysis 

HITS now offers machine learning applications for high dimensional cytometry data.

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